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    Jason makes learning fun & approachable.

    Jason has been teaching developers of all skill levels how to code for over a decade. He specializes in live coding, simplifying complex topics into relatable analogies and demos, and shoehorning corgi references into every project.

    Learn With Jason

    Jason hosts Learn With Jason twice a week and pair programs with brilliant people from community to learn something new in 90 minutes. Shows are live and interactive, so mark your calendar and join the fun!

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    Jason has created dozens of video lessons on egghead. These videos skip the chatter, instead diving straight into the code and delivering tons of practical knowledge a few minutes at a time.

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    Frontend Masters

    Jason has taught several workshops with Frontend Masters, a long-form workshop format focused on deep dives into a topic for a full day. These workshops are packed with the “why” & “how” behind the topic.

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    Jason shares stories about code (and not-code).

    Jason believes in the power of stories. He writes about code at learnwithjason.dev shares his stories and experiences at lengstorf.com, and contributes to various sites around the web. These are a few pieces he’s proud of:


    Yak Shaving: On Doing the Work Before the Work

    Yak shaving, meta-work, and why they might just be the most important part of making meaningful progress.


    Intention vs. Drift — Let’s Learn Design Systems, Part 1

    If you write software, you’ve already built a design system. But how can you make sure it’s making you more efficient and not wasting your time? Check this post out to learn how!

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    Automatically Generate Social Images for Blog Posts

    Make sure your content stands out in social media timelines by automatically generating social media sharing cards for your blog posts.

    Smashing MagazineSmashing Magazine

    Adding Dynamic And Async Functionality To Jamstack Sites

    Jamstack sites are great for creating highly dynamic, asynchronous interactions. With some small adjustments to how we think about our code, we can create fun, immersive interactions using only static assets!

    A List ApartA List Apart

    Breaking the Deadlock Between User Experience and Developer Experience

    User experience and performance are aligned–in theory. Jason Lengstorf gets into the paradox of how the steps we take to make things easier for our users might actually be making things worse…


    What Are You Optimizing For?

    The “right” or “wrong” decision depends on who you are. How can you be more sure you’re making the right decision for you? Know what you’re optimizing for!


    Learn How to Accept Money on Jamstack Sites in 38 Minutes

    Learn how to accept money on Jamstack sites in this tutorial (with videos)! Use Stripe Checkout & Netlify Functions to add e-commerce in minutes.


    How to Modify Nodes in an Abstract Syntax Tree

    One of the more powerful concepts I’ve stumbled across recently is the idea of abstract syntax trees, or ASTs.

    Learn With JasonLearn With Jason

    WTF is the Jamstack? A goofy name for a great web architecture.

    Are you already using the Jamstack? Boost your understanding of modern web dev and learn what the Jamstack is — and what it’s not — in this overview.


    Automation + Control: Progressive Disclosure of Complexity

    How can we design systems that are friendly to beginners, but accessible to experts? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution — we need layers of abstraction.


    Gatsby 101: Features, Benefits, and Trade-Offs

    Gatsby is one of the most popular front-end tools in web development today. Learn what it is, what it’s best at, and whether or not it’s right for your site.


    First, Get Ready: What Mise En Place Teaches Us About... Everything

    The best chefs rely on mise en place to guarantee every meal comes out right. It’s also a killer productivity hack. Here’s how you can start using it today.

    Connect with Jason.

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    Party Corgi Discord

    This is an active, inclusive, supportive community of creators and learners.

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    Joining the chat during a livestream is a fun, interactive way to connect with Jason.

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    At any given moment, the likelihood that I am doomscrolling is embarrassingly high.

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